Setting the scene

A mysterious figure entered the room. The children observed the scene and were then asked to list adverbs to describe how she moved around the room and handled the objects on the table. They were also asked to list emotive language to describe her changing moods during the scene. The class used the lists they generated to support their writing a letter to Henry VIII, persuading him to release her (Anne Boleyn) from the tower.

Hot Seating

The class stepped into a scene in the tower where Anne Boleyn is imprisoned. Children were encouraged to ask her open questions as opposed to closed ones. After they collected information about how she was feeling and her side of the story the children wrote a diary entry about her day.

Tudor Day

Thanks to all the parents who made a humungous effort to dress their children as Tudors today. They looked amazing and had a terrific time at Holdenby House. All of the children had a go at calligraphy, felt making, Tudor dance and Tudor medicine. I was very proud of their attitude towards their learning and the excellent behaviour and manners. A special thanks to Mrs Wakenshaw for stepping in to help.

Tudor Day

Year three Monday 11th September Holdenby House.

We are very excited about our Tudor Day. Please could you try to dress your child up as a Tudor girl or boy. You can make their costumes as simple as you like. They will need a packed lunch in a throwaway bag and drink for the day.