Literacy homework

In for two weeks time, this literacy task is to create a collage montage of your identity. This means the collage you produce will highlight different parts of your life: your friends, your family, your hobbies, your interest, and so on. This collage can include pictures of yourself or family, drawings of things you enjoy doing, writing, newspaper cuttings; it is entirely up to you. This task is providing the opportunity for you to be as creative as you can, the only restriction is that the work must not be created using a computer or other technologies other than for printing pictures; cutting out and sticking things on to the A3 sheet available from the school is what is expected.

Ideas for this task can be found by searching “identity collage” on google images. If you have any problems with this task come and discuss the problem with Mrs Lody before the deadline, not the day of or the day before.

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